13 -> 18 Tower District

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13 -> 18 Tower District

Post by Norman_SK » Tue Apr 14, 2015 12:43 pm

Having seen that the second Tower District grind did not work I decided to make my own.
It works, but I cannot really say much more then that as I am very new to this. In the time I ran this I got a few "To much stuck", with most being on the 13-15 path. I am not really sure if this is deemed acceptable or what to do about it as it appears to have occurred when the bot chased monsters that were chasing someone else.
Town works (if you have a paid licence) and invoking sort of does. The 2 issues are, firstly that Astral does not appear to have been updated to Mod6 invoking yet and so does not understand that there is a limit to the number for times you can invoke in a day (I will make a separate post about this). And secondly it sometimes seams to try to run off the back of the campfire to somewhere off the subpath to invoke. I am not sure what is causing this as most of the time it appears to work fine.
Be kind, this is my first shot and (friendly) advice is very welcome.
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