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Post by Bygone4a1n » Wed May 31, 2017 3:30 pm

Ok this is one of the most powerful leveling builds i have seen sofar, it went 1-70 in 48 hrs. 61-70 was done with elemental evil campaign, solo.

I used Dragonborn race, but the Half-Orc should be just as powerful. Humans also as they give a better defensive through the extra 3 feat points. This profil is not including the 3 extra human ones.

This build is based on this ... pve-build/

Feats + Powers added (not posted)

Abilityscores added

From start just let autoucc default decide on the at-wills, encounters and dailies etc, but change them manually at the following lvls:

Sure Strike (left click) will be ready from start
Weapon Masters Strike (rank 1-3 available from lvl43-45 with this) put this in right click

Daring Shout (rank 1-3 will be available in lvl 34-36).
Battlefury (rank 1-3 will be available in lvl 52-54).
Hidden Daggers (rank 1-3 will be available in lvl 65-67).

Until hidden daggers is ready i used Indomitable Battle Strike which is available at lvl 58-60.

Slam (rank 1-2 will be available in lvl 15-16 and rank 3 in lvl22).
Savage Advance (rank 1-3 will be available in lvl 46-48).

Destroyer (will be your first passive so just keep this slotted).
Wrathful Determination (rank1-3 will be available in lvl 68-70).

AutoUCC profile in bot Works nicely with this!
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