Request - 2 Professions.

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Request - 2 Professions.

Postby pal777 » Mon Mar 05, 2018 3:22 pm

Good day every1,

Can't set up 2 professions at the same time
"as an example slot1-leadership,slot2-leadership,slot3-jewelery"
After refreshing tasks it setting up just 1 prof(doesn't matter how many slots) and swap to another char.

Is any chance to fix or direct to the right way !?

Thank you.

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Re: Request - 2 Professions.

Postby Orion33 » Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:13 am

You are wrong, this is possible.
It shold be the "master" proffesion with max level and "slave" with lower. "Master" shold be wroten in "Profession" field on this screen
Other prof. tasks have a prefix so be called directly without using this field. So you can switch it to "slave", add its task and switch again to "master".
Be careful that Astral take tasks from current level of "master" prof. You should update this for each levelup. Simplest way is to use for "master" prof. any with 25lvl, so you should fill only one level.

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Re: Request - 2 Professions.

Postby michaelprog » Tue Mar 06, 2018 10:05 am

For Example

There is my profile to train all professions by gathering basic resources.

There is no recruitment of workers.
Training doesn't depend on Leadership lvl.
To start training you need manually recruit first worker (get 1 lvl). Other workers you can buy or send my mail from another character.
Training stopped if character has a common Assets:
  • Alchemy - Asset_Tool_Philosophersstone_Common;
  • Tailoring - Crafting_Asset_Tool_Needle_Common;
  • Jewelcrafting - Crafting_Asset_Tool_Loupe_Common;
  • Artificing - Crafting_Asset_Tool_Mallet_Common;
  • Med_Armorsmithing - Crafting_Asset_Tool_Tongs_Common;
  • Hvy_Armorsmithing - Crafting_Asset_Tool_Bellows_Common;
  • Leatherworking - Crafting_Asset_Tool_Leatherworking_T1_Common;
  • Weaponsmithing - Crafting_Asset_Tool_Grindstone_Common.
Profile - auto buying common assets after profession reached 20 lvl.
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