game crash and astral interception

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game crash and astral interception

Post by [email protected] » Fri Sep 30, 2016 10:32 am

i've this error :

Code: Select all

Details :
Role : Quester (True)
Running time : 11911766
Loaded plugins : {Assist, Debug, NavTools, }
Last state : CheckAction (False)

ClientHash : 1A3C62BB45EF53410800542D2B89276D
Exception code : EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION 0xC0000005
At address : 0x008A4D6F
Crashed module : GameClient.exe relativeAddress : 0x006C4D6F
Possible related function : Character__CanExecPowerCategory

Registers :

EAX	0x000002F0
EDX	0x00000001
EDI	0x01F27B60
ESI	0x3797FFA0
ECX	0x000002F0
EBX	0x03A1C000
EBP	0x03CFE548
ESP	0x03CFE53C
EIP	0x008A4D6F

Stack trace :

ESP+0x0	0x00000000
ESP+0x4	0x00000000
ESP+0x8	0x03CFE588
ESP+0xC	0x03CFE588
ESP+0x10	0x011F5429
ESP+0x14	0x000002F0
ESP+0x18	0x00000000
ESP+0x1C	0x3797FFA0
ESP+0x20	0x00000000
ESP+0x24	0x000002F0
ESP+0x28	0x3947C694
ESP+0x2C	0x00000000
ESP+0x30	0x00000000
ESP+0x34	0x00000000
ESP+0x38	0x00000000
ESP+0x3C	0x3947C694
ESP+0x40	0x00000000

Modules :

0x001E0000	0x03946000	GameClient.exe
0x76F80000	0x770FB000	ntdll.dll
0x741D0000	0x742B0000	KERNEL32.DLL
0x74B40000	0x74CBE000	KERNELBASE.dll
0x73C00000	0x73C92000	apphelp.dll
0x69640000	0x698B8000	AcLayers.DLL
0x751E0000	0x7529E000	msvcrt.dll
0x742B0000	0x743F7000	USER32.dll
0x74D50000	0x74E9F000	GDI32.dll
0x75530000	0x7692E000	SHELL32.dll
0x75070000	0x750A7000	cfgmgr32.dll
0x76A20000	0x76F1A000
0x73F10000	0x740CD000	combase.dll
0x73CF0000	0x73D9D000	RPCRT4.dll
0x73CB0000	0x73CCE000	SspiCli.dll
0x73CA0000	0x73CAA000	CRYPTBASE.dll
0x75180000	0x751D8000	bcryptPrimitives.dll
0x753A0000	0x753E4000	sechost.dll
0x75100000	0x7517B000	advapi32.dll
0x74F70000	0x74FB5000	shlwapi.dll
0x73CD0000	0x73CDC000	kernel.appcore.dll
0x74EA0000	0x74F2D000	shcore.dll
0x74FC0000	0x75004000	powrprof.dll
0x74A90000	0x74A9F000	profapi.dll
0x74AA0000	0x74B35000	OLEAUT32.dll
0x74680000	0x74A8B000	SETUPAPI.dll
0x73BD0000	0x73BE6000	MPR.dll
0x03DD0000	0x03DD3000	sfc.dll
0x739C0000	0x73A27000	WINSPOOL.DRV
0x73940000	0x7395B000	bcrypt.dll
0x6A080000	0x6A08F000	sfc_os.DLL
0x78380000	0x785E4000	AcGenral.DLL
0x76930000	0x76A1B000	ole32.dll
0x72830000	0x728A5000	UxTheme.dll
0x73A50000	0x73A74000	WINMM.dll
0x72D40000	0x72D55000	samcli.dll
0x5BA50000	0x5BA68000	MSACM32.dll
0x73BF0000	0x73BF8000	VERSION.dll
0x73A90000	0x73AA9000	USERENV.dll
0x71B20000	0x71B3D000	dwmapi.dll
0x6E290000	0x6E40D000	urlmon.dll
0x73960000	0x73983000	WINMMBASE.dll
0x6DD80000	0x6E04F000	iertutil.dll
0x5B9A0000	0x5B9AE000	SortWindows61.dll
0x74F40000	0x74F6B000	IMM32.DLL
0x740D0000	0x741C2000	COMDLG32.dll
0x76F20000	0x76F7E000	FirewallAPI.dll
0x752A0000	0x752B3000	NETAPI32.dll
0x73370000	0x7357F000	COMCTL32.dll
0x752E0000	0x7533F000	WS2_32.dll
0x744A0000	0x74619000	CRYPT32.dll
0x70610000	0x707DB000	d3d9.dll
0x753F0000	0x753FE000	MSASN1.dll
0x77100000	0x77136000	DINPUT8.dll
0x03EF0000	0x03F04000	XINPUT1_3.dll
0x74F30000	0x74F36000	PSAPI.DLL
0x3B400000	0x3B41E000	steam_api.dll
0x0F320000	0x0F992000	vivoxsdk.dll
0x72D20000	0x72D2A000	Secur32.dll
0x05E00000	0x06182000	PhysX3DEBUG_x86.dll
0x70590000	0x705BF000	IPHLPAPI.DLL
0x06190000	0x06451000	PhysX3CommonDEBUG_x86.dll
0x03F50000	0x04007000	PhysX3CookingDEBUG_x86.dll
0x6F140000	0x6F199000	libsndfile-1.dll
0x0F080000	0x0F0C9000	ortp.dll
0x73990000	0x7399B000	DAVHLPR.DLL
0x0FB70000	0x0FCE3000	vivoxoal.dll
0x58BD0000	0x58BD8000	SensApi.dll
0x70460000	0x704E4000	DNSAPI.dll
0x75520000	0x75527000	NSI.dll
0x73910000	0x7393D000	fwbase.dll
0x728B0000	0x72A1B000	gdiplus.dll
0x75400000	0x7551F000	MSCTF.dll
0x6AEC0000	0x6AED2000	napinsp.dll
0x6AEA0000	0x6AEB6000	pnrpnsp.dll
0x6AE80000	0x6AE94000	NLAapi.dll
0x72750000	0x7279F000	mswsock.dll
0x6AE70000	0x6AE7B000	winrnr.dll
0x6AE50000	0x6AE61000	wshbth.dll
0x0F1C0000	0x0F22A000	hnetcfg.dll
0x589C0000	0x589D8000	ATL.DLL
0x6BC70000	0x6BC78000	WINNSI.DLL
0x6BA60000	0x6BA7F000	GPAPI.dll
0x58050000	0x58067000	NetSetupApi.dll
0x701B0000	0x70249000	odbc32.dll
0x6F810000	0x6F818000	DPAPI.dll
0x58BC0000	0x58BCE000	odbcbcp.dll
0x0B4A0000	0x0B5B5000	dbghelp.dll
0x74CC0000	0x74D44000	clbcatq.dll
0x6B960000	0x6B973000	dhcpcsvc6.DLL
0x6BA00000	0x6BA14000	dhcpcsvc.DLL
0x0DC80000	0x0DC9E000	ArcSDK.dll
0x58580000	0x5879A000	d3d11.dll
0x69E20000	0x69EA2000	dxgi.dll
0x5C890000	0x5C9F3000	nvspcap.dll
0x73580000	0x7361B000	WINHTTP.dll
0x68E30000	0x691B2000	nvapi.dll
0x73710000	0x73732000	DEVOBJ.dll
0x750B0000	0x750F2000	WINTRUST.dll
0x0EB20000	0x0ED05000	D3DX9_42.dll
0x0ED10000	0x0EEF7000	D3DCompiler_42.dll
0x1B0A0000	0x1C3DE000	nvwgf2um.dll
0x71BA0000	0x71C21000	sxs.dll
0x70380000	0x703C7000	fwpuclnt.dll
0x70570000	0x70578000	rasadhlp.dll
0x58EE0000	0x58EEA000	HID.DLL
0x6A330000	0x6A385000	MMDevApi.dll
0x73790000	0x738DB000	PROPSYS.dll
0x56D40000	0x56D78000	wdmaud.drv
0x687D0000	0x687D9000	AVRT.dll
0x71B40000	0x71B47000	ksuser.dll
0x6A2C0000	0x6A328000	AUDIOSES.DLL
0x6A1F0000	0x6A2B8000	wintypes.dll
0x64D20000	0x64D29000	msacm32.drv
0x64D10000	0x64D18000	midimap.dll
0x28950000	0x289D3000	LgLcdApi.dll
0x50800000	0x50886000	dsound.dll
0x686C0000	0x6873F000	mscms.dll
0x6F7F0000	0x6F803000	CRYPTSP.dll
0x6F7C0000	0x6F7EF000	rsaenh.dll

Callbacks :

MyMemory.ExecutorCallback at 0x18200000
MyNW.Callbacks.EntitiesDistanceCallback at 0x18220000
MyNW.Callbacks.EntitiesRelationCallback at 0x18240000
MyNW.Callbacks.EntitiesNameCallback at 0x18260000
MyNW.Callbacks.EntitiesInCombatCallback at 0x18280000
MyNW.Callbacks.PlayerBagsCallback at 0x182A0000
MyNW.Callbacks.SharedBankBagsCallback at 0x182C0000
MyNW.Callbacks.PlayerExperienceCallback at 0x182E0000
MyNW.Callbacks.LoadingCallback at 0x18950000
MyNW.Callbacks.PlayerCanChangeInstanceCallback at 0x18980000
MyNW.Callbacks.DrawTriangleCallback at 0x189A0000
MyNW.Callbacks.DrawEllipseCallback at 0x189D0000
MyNW.Callbacks.DrawLineCallback at 0x18A00000

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Re: game crash and astral interception

Post by Tonlok42 » Wed Oct 05, 2016 7:54 am

heres a log after my crash

[3:44 AM] Default profile settings loaded !
[3:44 AM] Load AutoUCC customclass...
[3:44 AM] count triangle hook init : 05DD0000
[3:44 AM] handle triangle hook init : 05E00000
[3:44 AM] Executor : 33C20000
[3:44 AM] DrawTriangleCallback init at : 38CC0000
[3:44 AM] DrawEllipseCallback init at : 3B350000
[3:44 AM] DrawLineCallback init at : 3B380000
[3:44 AM] Load Quester role...
[3:44 AM] init path finding ...
[3:44 AM] 177 tiles loaded from cache !
[3:44 AM] --- crash report summary ---
[3:44 AM] Game crash intercepted : C0000005 at 0x0261C9CB
[3:44 AM] Crashed module : GameClient.exe baseAdress : 0x01000000 relativeAddress : 0x0161C9CB
[3:44 AM] Possible related function : wcQueryTrianglesInYAxisCylinder
[3:44 AM] Main module baseadress : 0x01000000
[3:44 AM] --- -------------------- ---
[3:45 AM] Load MultiTasks role...
[3:45 AM] Load Professions role...
[3:45 AM] Load Quester role...

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