What is Astral ?

So in case you were wondering what this is all about ...

It's an amazing bot for Neverwinter Online !

Ever been bored of doing the same things again and again ?

Let Astral do the boring things for you, just take the fun part !

Still not convinced ? Check the features, or try it by yourself

we offer a free version with some restrictions, and full version trial !


Background mode

Astral can work totally in the background, watch a movie, play a game, simply enjoy your computer while Astral work for you.

Multi botting

One bot is not enough ? No problem, just run multiple bot to rules them all !


Yep, you read correctly, we added questing role to the bot !


Astral support every battleground in the game, finger in the nose.


Because farming is always required in MMO, Astral will handle that perfectly.

Developper API

We offer a big API to interact with the game, anyone can write plugin for Astral in .NET language.

Easy combat rotation

Astral allow you to easily customize your combat rotation with our simple interface.