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[Daily] The Hulk Grind

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Re: [Daily] The Hulk Grind

Post by mdelk »

Hey guys, if yall haven't found a good, short, working Foundry yet, I'm in the process of making one. Is a 10-15 minute Foundry too long or short? I never tried out the others so I don't know how long those usually took.
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Re: [Daily] The Hulk Grind

Post by Themax »

Hey guys, i'v tried to set a new InteractNode but still the char doesn't complete the foundry and he doesn't loot the chest reward :(.
Also if i have full bags the char doesn't interact with npc to sell all, of course i'v enabled the sale tabs in settings, but it seems not work with this foundry.
Can someone help? Is there any foundry creation tutorial i can access?
Ty all
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Re: [Daily] The Hulk Grind

Post by freefire »

Maybe you missed dialogs collection for node ? Something like "press 1 to accept reward"
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Re: [Daily] The Hulk Grind

Post by laketose »

Where should I paste the foundry ?
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Re: [Daily] The Hulk Grind

Post by CyberRain »

What do these Foundry things work?
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