Edit 26/03 :
Free period is now over, I tried to manually restore some subscriptions manually thanks to paypal logs if possible and for others I sent an email to paypal accounts which are supposed to have an active subscription, and don't contacted me.
If you lost a subscription and don't received anything, you still contact me using next informations.
Following incident with OVH server host, bot server is restored with an old backup from 2018.
Lot of code has been rewritten these last days, it's not completed, but main functions are back.
What does it mean for you subscriptions :
If you got a Lifetime subscription before this date, it shouldn't be a problem
Else, your subscription need to be restored thanks to paypal logs :
Check if your account still exist in the shop https://shop.dynadev.fr/login/ you can try the password recover function
If it doesn't, just create a new account
Finaly, use contact form of the shop to send the paypal transaction informations associate to your subscription and the login of your account.

blacklist loot config for the lazy

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Re: blacklist loot config for the lazy

Post by Jarod46 »

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Low English level, sorry
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Re: blacklist loot config for the lazy

Post by legolas1455 »

Hello, do you know how autosell?, don´t work for me, I think failure set the npc.
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Re: blacklist loot config for the lazy

Post by anko »

Hi. Anyone used these recently? They give me an error when I use the i,port or import old format buttons.
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Re: blacklist does not work

Post by Elephanteau »

I was trying all the names. I was trying regex, ID, and so on. This ...er still picks up all the ...t he sees. I am desperate. I don;t know what to do to avoid the bag to be full of shi. Need help!
Autosell does not work neither. Any names, russian, english - no luck.
Plus How do I autosell unrecognised items?

Thanks in advance. Please pM if you have an answer
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