Hello everyone, PWalker a bot for the new Cryptic Game, Magic Legends is available. Astral users shouldn't be lost, both bots are extremely similar.
This bot is available to download in Lazylauncher and is included in Astral subscription.
PWalker include an automatic mode for Quester module, just start a fresh bot installation, on a new character, and it will able to do lot of things without configuration.
Please use temporary official thread to discuss on it, until there is a dedicated forum : https://www.neverwinter-bot.com/forums/ ... 112&t=8720

REQ: any M19 or M20 profiles?

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REQ: any M19 or M20 profiles?

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Does anyone have any questing profiles for Mod 19+20?

M19 - treasuremap profile?
M19 - questing profile?
M19 - hunts profile?

M20 - questing profile?
M20 - bounties profile?
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